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In the December of 2010 by the Georgian National Science Academy was established working group for facilitation of nanotechnology development in Georgia. During 1st meeting were highlighted main research and development trends. Working group plans to release recommendations. The group is headed by the rector of GTU Frangishvili Archil, deputy of head - A. Gerasimov, secretary D. Jishiashvili. F. Todia, T.Agladze, G, Cincadze, G. Japaridze, N.Kipshidze, M. Jibladze, R.Chikovani, A.Bibilashvili, G.Tavadze, N.Chikhradze, G.Chirade, G.Dgebuadze, S.Sidamonidze, G.Kvesitadze and A.Bakuridze.


In 23-24 March during the NANO-2010 - 1st Conference in Nanochemistry & Nanotechnologies held in the St. Andrew the First-Called Georgian University was proposed to establish the initiative group for lobbing of National Nanotechnology Initiative at the governmental level.  The idea was announced by Professors Shota Sidamonidze and Rafiel Chikovani, which was supported by all participants of the conference.

Onwards is sought your consolidation  in membership of Georgian Nanotechnology Alliance.

To become a member of the alliance feel free to complete application form and please send back to e-mail address nanogeorgia@gmail.com.  To download from please click here

We look forward to meet with you in mutual collaboration.

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